Successful Installation of flight Simulator Rig ft. Thrustmaster

Another day, another successful installation of our Thibeau's Modular Flight Simulator Rig at one of our customer home.

On the way to deliver the rig to our customer home

Installation of the rig in process

Rig all setup


We all know that for a flight simulator enthusiast, it is always never enough to be playing your favourite flight sim game with just a joystick. We are always pursuing greater immersion to our favourite game genre. 

"I got no space for all these controllers".

Players always want to bring their experience closer to the real deal. For example, the onboard control of the aircraft that you are flying might utilize a yoke, but you only have a joystick. For the sake of greater immersion, many veteran flight simulator player will choose to ditch their "combat" joystick for an Airbus yoke or something equivalent.

Not only that, as we continue to build on our very own flight sim immersion device. An additional leg pedal to control the yaw of your virtual plane. Perhaps a flight gauge next? We are never satisfy until our rig resemble the real deal. Some even went pass the simulation phase and became the real deal. 

All this journey, because we want the experience as close to the real deal as possible.


And that is what most of what our customers feel when they contact us to purchase a customise flight simulator rig..

Introducing our custom Thibeau's modular flight rig.

This custom Thibeau flight sim rig features:


Here is how it looked when assembled;


    The Thrustmaster TPR pedals can be adjusted very easily and also provide a good base for the player to control their aircraft yaw.

    Thrustmaster Yoke gives you full control over your aircraft's movements. The yoke is also the controller of choice for Boeing aircraft.

    Just like a speedometer is to a car, the CE 172 gauge display all the important information that a pilot needs to know for their aircraft.

    Panel cut out
    Panel cut out
    panel after installation
    After installation

    The CE 172 gauge was customized to closely resemble an actual aircraft's instrument panel.

    This is how it looks when our customers enter the "cockpit".

    At NXND we focus on building experience. If you are interested to build your own custom flight simulator rig at home, you can contact us at

    If you are interested to purchase your own flight simulator controller you can visit our Thrustmaster Shop too.

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