What to look out for in a Gaming keyboard?

Comfort, reliability, and durability are what you should look for when choosing the best Gaming Keyboard. Whether it's FPS Gaming or RPG Gaming every game requires just a little difference in how each button is pressed to execute different moves. Some Gaming Keyboards offer extra keys which allow gamers to program-specific commands/spells/macros to certain key combinations by pressing multiple keys at once which can improve your gaming performance if done right.

Gaming keyboards typically will have around 104 keys but some Gaming Keyboards go above this with up to 170 keys - mainly targeted at MMO Gaming where players require many different moves/abilities to be instantly accessible without having to search through their keyboard for them. If you plan on playing only Arena style games then that doesn't matter too much.

Gaming keyboards are designed to allow gamers to press multiple keys at once in order to activate specific abilities for certain games (i.e. spells, macros) in order to give the gamer an advantage over other players. Gaming keyboards vary greatly in build quality and features; some Gaming Keyboards focus on functionality over form while others prefer the best possible materials and ergonomics which can affect your hand health. This is why it's important to make sure you test out each Gaming Keyboard before committing to using one for long periods. Monetary consideration can be a factor too.

Gaming keyboards can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 so choosing one at the right price is important. Gaming Keyboards should be looked at as an investment; you want to buy Gaming Keyboards that will last for years and won't break down easily.

More expensive Gaming Keyboards tend to offer more features (i.e. extra macro keys), better build quality, higher durability, individual key backlighting (which can also help during night-time gaming), and some Gaming Keyboards offer other special features like anti-ghosting technology which allows each keypress to register regardless how many keys are pressed simultaneously (this is great for games which require you to press and hold a specific key and then tap another, such as WASD).

Gaming Keyboards can be wired or wireless. Wireless Gaming Keyboards typically use Bluetooth technology to connect to your Gaming PC so you'll need a Bluetooth-enabled computer/laptop. Gaming Keyboards that use wireless technology tend to cost a little more than Gaming Keyboards which are wired.
Gaming keyboards can also be classified by their key-switch type: Gaming Keyboards can have membrane switches, rubber dome switches, mechanical switches (which are the preferred choice among Gaming Keyboard enthusiasts), or even Optical keys.

Gaming Keyboard with mechanical switches tends to be the more expensive option and Gaming Keyboards with membrane switches tend to be cheaper. Gaming Keyboards with mechanical switches tend to last longer and enthusiasts swear by their accuracy and responsiveness.

Gaming Keyboards with membrane switches lack the tactile feel (i.e. you can't feel where each key is) but they are quieter and more affordable. Gaming keyboards with rubber dome switches tend to lie somewhere in between Gaming Keyboards with membrane and mechanical switches when it comes to quality/durability, responsiveness, and noise level.

Gaming keycaps can also vary in their build quality; Gaming Keyboards with PBT keycaps tend to have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to wear, Gaming Keyboards with ABS keycaps are cheaper but are reported to wear down faster.

Keyboard keycaps image

PBT keycaps are made of more durable plastic and can better withstand extensive use. As for ABS keycaps they are made of regular plastic and tend to wear down much faster than PBT keycaps, which means Gaming Keyboards with ABS keycaps are typically only good for a year or two.

Gaming Keyboards with PBT keycaps can last anywhere from 3-10 years and Gaming Keyboards with ABS keycaps can last 1-3 years. Most Gaming Keyboards with mechanical switches tend to use PBT keycaps, however, it is advised to verify with the manufacturer before purchasing.

an in-depth look into the different types of keyboard keycap by Rielly @ Youtube

Gaming Keyboard keycaps are also commonly available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Many keyboard enthusiast likes to modify their gaming keyboard with a personalized gaming keycap to make their keyboard that much more unique. When it comes to the world of customization; for keyboards you are only limited by your imagination.

To conclude, Gaming Keyboards are a good Gaming PC accessory to look into when you want to up your gaming levels. Gaming keyboards come in different shapes, sizes, colours, switch types, have different features, are available wireless or wired, are relatively cheap to very expensive. Gaming Keyboards can be customized, last, a certain timeframe, or very long, and they can be classified by their keycaps.

Gaming Keyboards aren't just meant for Gaming, they are also used in professional workspaces. Now that you have a better understanding of Gaming Keyboards you can make more informed purchasing decisions. Gaming keyboards are a great Gaming PC accessory for anyone who enjoys Gaming or is looking for high quality, well build keyboard.


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