AM5 Raphael 600 Series (LGA 1718) MPG X670E CARBON WIFI (MB-8051)

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Memory Dimms (DDR5): 4xDDR5 (DualCh Max 128GB Jedec @ 5200MHz (Official AMD Spec 1DPC@5200MHz 2DPC@3600MHz (Check EXPO Specs)

PCI-E Expansion: 16x5.0 (2), 16x4.0 (1) (Via PCH@4x), (Config: 16x/0/4x, 8x/8x/4x)

M.2 & Sata(6Gb/s) Storage Ports: Sata x6 (From X670 w/Raid 0/1/10), M.2x4 (5.0/5.0/4.0/4.0, w/M2 raid 0/1/10) (Pcie only)

Multi-GPU: AMD Multi GPU Support

USB 3.2 Gen2 (10 GB/s & up): I/O-8 (TypeAx6, TypeCx2, Gen2 & Gen2x2) OnBoard-1 (TypeC)

USB 3.2 Gen1 (5GB/s): OnBoard-4

USB 2.0: I/O-2, OnBoard-4

AUDIO: ALC4080 7.1 ch / SPDIF out

LAN: RTL8125 2.5GBLan

Display outputs: TypeC-DP x1 (DP1.4 /wHBR3, 4k 120Hz), HDMI 2.1 x1

Additional Info / Features: AMD WiFi 6E w/BT 5.2, Mystic Light onboard: RGB x1, ARGBv2 x2, Tuning Controller connector x1, AudioBoost 5, Full fan header control + PumpFan Header, Digital PWM 18+2+1 phase, 8L IT-170 Servergrade PCB w/2Oz thickened Cu, Extended heavyplated heatsink + Extra larged PCH HS, Doublesided M2 ShieldFrozr w/EZ M2 clip, Magnetic ShieldFrozr, PCI-E Steel Armor, SMT PCIe Slots, Core Boost, LLC + OvP, Digital Debug LED, EZ Debug LED, EZ LED control switch, Flash BIOS + Clear CMOS + *SMART button each x1, TypeC QuickCharge header, Resizeable Bar, MSI Center, MSI Driver Utility Insaller. Add-on Free 60days AIDA64 Extreme

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